How To Storage The Catheter Collection Bag?

1. Maximum temperature: 30C – Permanent relative humidity: top 70%

2. Do not expose to direct sunlight or bright lights. As long as the product remains in the original packaging, the risk of discoloration or staining exposure to sunlight or UV lamps is minimal. Still, once they are exposed directly, they will present color changes to a greater or lesser degree, according to the light’s intensity and exposure time.

3. In the storage area, no substances should keep volatiles easily absorbed by the packaging, such as paints, glues, solvents such as thinner, gasoline, and aliphatic solvents. Aromatics affect both the packaging material and the device doctor.
– The storage area siphons must have a double outlet to the waste box. Avoid odors that may affect the product.
– The area must be free of leaks and entry of polluting gases such as automotive combustion (carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide).
– The warehouse must be provided with adequate ventilation that allows maintaining