What You Should Know About Urine Collection Bags

You have probably seen patients with a yellow bag near their beds, or maybe you’re having surgery soon and heard something about ”urine bag”, right? Here’s an underlying explanation of what you need to know about them.

Just as the name says, a urine catheter or Foley catheter is a device that collects a whole day’s urine. Its principal function is to keep track of the urine amounts you eliminate daily to know the relation between the liquids taken and the excreted ones.

In medicine, this tool is used in people who cannot (urinary incontinence), urine retention during or after surgeries, or other diseases where neurological problems make it difficult to pass urine, such as multiple sclerosis, dementia, or spinal cord problems.

Shuangmei Urine Collection Bag

The bladder, urine, or Foley catheter has several parts, including the urine collection bag.

The collection bag is the reservoir where all urinary contents are poured. It is connected to a drainage tube that is made of PVC and free of irritating latex.

There is a small valve with an easy-opener that allows safe and straightforward contents emptying at the lower end. By simply sliding down the protective cap, you can drain the urine without making a mess.

This bag is attached to a tube that facilitates the connection between the catheter and the collection bag. This tube is called a drainage tube.

But the tool that goes into your bladder is the Foley catheter. It is attached to the drainage device, and its length and caliber depend on the patient’s gender and age. The smaller ones are for children. You can find the collection bag with the drainage tube separately from the Foley catheter.

The drainage tube can vary according to its diameter and length. It is highly flexible, resistant, and measures 90-150 cm in length, depending on the patient’s needs.

The collection system (collection bag and drainage tube) can be of two types depending on the patient’s needs. If the patient is in bed, the collection system should be for bed, and if it is for day-to-day use, the patient can use a leg system.

Our bedside catheter system is the result of several types of research and quality tests around the world. Shuangmei catheter urine bag is made of medical-grade PCV (polyvinyl chloride), non-irritating, and holds more than 1500ml of liquid. The best thing is that it is leak-proof.

On the pouch packaging, there are small lines that allow you to keep track of the excreted liquid in milliliters. These lines are on a blue-scale of 100ml by 100ml. You can easily measure it without waiting for the urine level to stabilize when the bag is hanging on the bed.

The Shuangmei Catheter Urine Bag is designed to be a hygienic device, double sealed against leakage/odor, with three medical quality certifications: CE, ISO13485, and CFDA.

Choosing Shuangmei is choosing quality.